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Flat Bed Roll Off Skids

Custom  Manufacturing's commitment to quality is best demonstrated by the durability of the product we manufacture.  We do not mass produce our products.  All Containers are built to our customers specification and satisfaction.  Our containers are AMERICAN made 100%
Integrity   Quality    Tradition    Superiority

Flatbed Roll-Off Containers are easy loading and low to the ground.  Also ideal for over-sized material and equipment.  Often utilized in dredging services, landscape hauling, oil field material, automobiles and bulk hauling.  All safety decals, ANSI decals and D.O.T. reflective tape are utilized where needed.

STANDARD FEATURES:                                 AVAILABLE OPTIONS:

22' Long, Less Dove Tail                                   Dove Tail 3/16" Tread Plate
12 GA. Bulkhead                                                3/16" Tread Plate Floor
3/16" HR Floor                                  1/4" HR Smooth  Floor vs. 3/16" Floor
6 x 2 x 3 /16" Main Rails                                   6 x 2 x 1/4" Main Rails
Cross members 18" Centers                              Ampliroll
Safety Decals                                                   Stellar
Standard Cable Pull                                           Swaploader Lift System
93" Wide, Less Stake Pockets                           Rear Wheels
42" Bulkhead                                                     "D" Rings
ANSI Safety Decals included on                       Stake  Pockets
all equipment free of charge.                    


Flat Bed Roll-off Skid    Dove Tail Flat Bed   Flat Bed Recessed "A" Frame
                                                                                                                       Hook Lift for Ampliroll

Skid with Hook Lift for Open Top Bathtub Load  Lifted on Roll Off Truck
Ampliroll on Flatbed skid Hook Lift

Skid shown with optional stake Roller Assist for Cable  Loading Latching door Pockets for secure travel

3/16" Tread Plate Dove Tail   Strap wenches underneath                        Skid w/D-Rings & stake pockets

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