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CM-3 and CM-4 Stationary Compactors

Custom  Manufacturing's commitment to quality is best demonstrated by the durability of the product we manufacture.  We do not mass produce our products.  All units are built to our customers specification and satisfaction.  Our containers are AMERICAN made 100%
      Integrity           Quality            Tradition          Superiority

Custom  Manufacturing's  CM-3 and CM-4 (3 and 4 yard) Stationary Compactors are the most common type used in industrial installations.  In this type the compactor remains "stationary" (bolted to the ground), and the Receiver Containers (packer box) is detached from it, winched up onto the "roll-off truck", and hauled away to the local landfill, and emptied.  It is then, brought back to the compactor and re-attached.  Using this method, the maximum amount of trash can be hauled away for each trip.


Remote Power Unit with standard control box is separate from the compactor / container, this allows it to remain free of damage caused during hauling to and from disposal sites and free of problems caused by landfill dust.  There are no electrical connections to "make or break".  Reduces storage and transportation cost.  Hydraulics Plumbed to both side of compactor

Designed for heavy commercial, industrial and mini-transfer stations.  Engineered to handle above average quantities of refuse when transfer station is not applicable.

Compare a Custom Stationary unit with any other unit on the market, and you will quickly discover the structural integrity, quality, dependability and serviceability.


  • PLC Controlled:  User programmable number of strokes and stop position
  • 10' Remote
  • Oil-Suitable for Wide Temperature Range
  • Monitor Gauge (Advance/Full Load Indicator
  • Provisions for Disconnect on Left and Right
  • Oil Spill Pan Under Both Disconnects
  • Oil Site Gauge
  • Key Lockable Start Push button
  • (1) 6 X 78 Cylinder with 4 1/2" Chrome Plated Rod
  • 1 3/8" X 16" Ratchets with 2" Plate Compactor Grab Hooks
  • Compactor Instructions in English and Spanish
  • ANSI Safety Decals included on all equipment free of charge

          Dimensions     CM-3    CM-4
  • Loading Sill Height       48"             48"
  • Overall Height              58"             48"
  • Overall Width               75 1/8"        71 1/2"
  • Overall Length             184"            179"

      Model                                                    CM-3                 CM-4

  • Charge Box Capacity                                 3 Cubic Yard              4 Cubic Yard
  • WASTEC Rating                                        1.22                            2.51
  • Clear Top Opening                                     50" X 56"                    56" X 64"
  • Cycle Time                                                 46 Seconds                49 Seconds
  • Total Force, Normal                                    50,900 Lbs                 50,900 Lbs
  • Total Force, Maximum                                56,500 Lbs                 56,500 Lbs
  • Ram Penetration                                        28"                              13"
  • Electric Motor, 3 Phase 230/480 Volt         20 HP                          20 HP
  • Pump Size                                                  18 GPM                      18 GPM
  • Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity                     36 GAL.                      36 GAL.
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Bore                              6"                                6"
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Stroke                           78"                          78"
  • Discharging Opening                                  61" W X 39" T             61" W X 39" 
  • Operating Pressure Normal                        1800 PSI                    1800 PSI
  • Operating Pressure Maximum                    2000 PSI                    2000 PSI
  • Construction Floor                                      1/2" Plate                    1/2" Plate
  • Construction Sides                                     1/4" Plate                    1/4" Plate
  • Construction Breaker Bar                           6 X 4 X 3/8" Tube      , 6 X 4 X 3/8" Tube
  • Construction Ram Force                            1/2" Plate                     1/2" Plate
  • Construction Ram Top                                1/4" Plate                    1/4" Plate
  • Construction Ram Side                              1/4" Plate                     1/4" Plate
  • Construction Ram Bottom                          1/2" Plate                     1/2" Plate
  • Chamber Length                                         50" L X 60" W              65" L X 59 3/4" W
  • Ram Force                                                  59 1/2" W X 19" T        59 1/2" W X 30" T
  • Volume Displacement                                 96" Cubic Yards Hr.     184" Cubic Yards Hr.
This equipment conforms to all current ANSI Z 245.2 safety standards.  IN order to provide the  most currently engineered and designed equipment, we reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.  This information is intended to provide information only and should not be used in an arbitrary manner to judge equipment for any particular purpose.  Performance may vary with application.  Products must be installed and operated according to required standards, codes, regulations, and safety procedures.  Only the standard written warranty issued by Custom Manufacturing Inc. applies.

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